• I’m a little confused about how payment in your practice works. Can you explain further? Do you “take” my insurance?

    Sure! We operate on a Direct Primary Care Practice model. This means we take payment directly from our patients for our medical services. We do not bill any third party, and we do not “take” insurance (ie Dr. Pack does not contract with any insurance companies and will not submit claims to your insurance to get paid/reimbursed). Many of our patients still have private insurance, they just don’t use it in our office to see Dr. Pack.

  • Are there any restrictions on who can be a member of your practice?
    At this time, we are able to take patients who have a PPO plan, who are uninsured, or who participate in a health sharing ministry. Unfortunately at this time, Colorado law prohibits our practice from contracting with Medicaid or CHP+ patients and so we cannot see children who are currently enrolled in these programs (and yes, this is extremely unfair and we encourage you to write our representatives asking for this to change). If you are on an HMO plan and wish to be a part of our practice, please contact us as there are some hurdles to overcome with that as well.

  • How will my membership be billed?
    Membership fees are charged monthly to your bank account (preferred) or to your credit/debit card. Payment is due before or on the date of service. If your bank account has not been verified and payment made by your first visit, you will be asked to pay via credit or debit card on the day you are seen.

  • What is not covered by my membership fee?
    --Medications/prescriptions that are dispensed by our office will be charged separately. These are often at a huge discount to what you would pay at the pharmacy. Likewise, certain DME (durable medical equipment such as nebulizers, spacers, etc) will be charged to your account at our cost + 10% administrative fee.
    --Specialty visits, hospital stays, ER visits, urgent care visits, etc: Any medical services from other medical providers will be billed to your insurance by those providers.
    --Out-of-office procedures, imaging, or labs: These, too, can be billed to your insurance by the office administering the labs.
    --Vaccines are not covered by your membership fee and will be billed to your insurance (or you will provided a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement).

  • Do you administer vaccines? What is your position on vaccines?
    We currently partner with a third party company (Vaxcare) to provide vaccines to our patients who have private insurance, and have those vaccines billed to the insurance company. At this time, we do not plan on participating in the VFC (vaccines for children) program and patients who are uninsured will be encouraged to get their vaccines at the Montezuma County Health Department. We encourage all of our families to vaccinate their children according to the schedule recommended by the AAP and the ACIP. We believe that vaccines are modern medicine's most important contribution to both the health of individuals and populations. However, we respect a parent's right to make medical decisions for their children, and will work with families who do not desire to vaccinate, or who desire to follow an alternative vaccine schedule, after we have been able to discuss their concerns together.

  • Is Direct Primary Care insurance?
    No. DPC is not analogous to an insurance plan. We recommend that everyone continue to carry an insurance plan or health-sharing plan to cover significant medical costs that can be incurred through moderate to severe illness or injury, such as a trip to the ER.

  • What is your practice philosophy?
    We see our relationship with our patients as a partnership. By bringing our medical knowledge to the table, and combining it with your knowledge of your child, we believe that we can make great decisions together that will enhance your child and family's overall health. As M.D.s, we are trained in allopathic medicine ("Western medicine"). We acknowledge the healing that can be found through complementary medicine as well (acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathic care, etc) and encourage families to explore these avenues in a safe manner to enhance the health of their children. We may be able to provide some guidance when it comes to these practices, however, since they are not part of our formal medical training, if families are interested in pursuing complementary medicine treatments, we recommend that they see a trained practitioner to guide their treatment.

  • Do you offer free prenatal/meet and greet visits?
    Absolutely, in fact we prefer to meet face to face with everyone who is interested in our practice to determine if it would be a good fit. Please call our office number to set up a time.

  • Do you offer house calls?
    We offer home visits for newborns in our practice. We do not do house calls for older children at this time, but many issues can be handled over the phone, so if you are unsure if you need to come into the office for a medical concern, contact us.

  • Do you see patients who are not members of the practice, on a fee for service basis?
    We do not see patients who are not members of our practice. If you are a member and have a child visiting you from out of town who is a relative or friend, please contact the office as we may be able to see them as our schedule permits.

  • What if I decide to leave the practice?
    If you decide to cancel or terminate your membership, there is absolutely no fee or penalty. We will ask you to give us 30 days advance notice of your cancellation in writing. If you want to rejoin the practice, there will be a substantial fee to rejoin.

  • What happens when Dr. Pack goes on vacation? When the doctor goes out of town, often she will still be able to provide care via telephone or electronic means. If your child experiences a truly urgent medical issue and our providers are out of the office, you may need to be seen at urgent care/walk-in clinic or the ER. If your physician goes out of town and does not have adequate access to cell coverage or internet service, coverage for the clinic will be provided by another pediatrician.

  • How do I enroll/sign up for the practice? Click below on the "enroll now" button or on any of these buttons throughout the website. You will be directed to our enrollment/billing software (hint.com) and it will prompt you to enter your information and then click on "add child" to add the children you wish to enroll. You will notice that the pricing listed will not match our pricing on the website -- don't worry, we will manually adjust the fees to the correct amounts and you will not formally be enrolled until we manually activate your membership. You will be contacted prior to us activating your membership.

  • I’m not interested in signing up for Direct Primary Care for my child right now. Where else in Cortez can I see a pediatrician?

    The only other pediatrician in Cortez works at Cortez Integrated Healthcare with Axis Health System. Other options for pediatric care are Four Corners Youth Clinics in Cortez/Dolores (staffed by a family practice nurse practitioner), family practice providers employed by Southwest Memorial Hospital, or pediatric practices in Durango (Pediatric Partners of the Southwest, Pediatric Associates of Durango). Remember that these are traditional practices and will not provide you the same service or experience as Cortez Pediatrics. You may be subjected to leaving messages that never get returned, no same day availability for visits, long waits in a waiting room, short visits with your provider, seeing a different provider every visit, poor accessibility to your doctor, etc etc.