Tired of driving 100 miles round trip so your kids can see a caring pediatrician?  

Done with sitting in a waiting room, then in the exam room, all for just 15 minutes with the doctor?  

Sick of leaving endless messages with nurses or medical assistants...or better yet, on voicemails that never get returned?   

Can you get your child into their doctor when they need to be seen--same day or next day-- without resorting to going to the walk-in clinic or ER?  

Tired of seeing a different provider every visit -- sometimes not even an MD?  

Do you want an alternative to high co-pays and high deductibles?


Dr. Whitney Pack is introducing optimized pediatric care to Cortez, Colorado and the surrounding communities via her pediatric Direct Primary Care micropractice.  Click on "About our practice" below to learn more about Dr. Pack and how the practice works.